Ian Darwin's Bibliography Online

I have been around computers since the beginning of time (0x00000000L), and I've written a whole lot of stuff. Some of it is lost for good (which is perhaps for the good, too). Here is some of my material that is still online. Entries are in in retro-chronological order.

Java Works

Groovy, Java's New Scripting Language discusses Groovy, a new scripting language designed to be largely compatible with Java and to run in the Java Virtual machine. O'ReillyNet, 2004-09-29

Keeping Up with the Java Joneses talks about many of the changes in 1.5 (a.k.a. "J2SE 5.0"), Hibernate, Spring, and other "new" stuff in Java and some ways to keep abreast of developments in Java. O'ReillyNet, 2004-07-28

Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips Jason Brittain, my co-author on Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, extracts some tips and configuration examples from our book covering frequently asked questions about configuring Apache Tomcat. Published on O'ReillyNet, Jun. 25, 2003

Two Lesser-Known Java APIs: Regular Expressions and JavaServer Pages Describes two then-lesser-known Java APIs, Regular Expressions and JavaServer Pages, which are just two of the APIs covered in the Java Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for Java Developers . Published on O'ReilyNet, July 19, 2001

Web Server Java -- Servlets and JSP Two examples in this book excerpt from Java Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for Java Developers using Servlets and JSP: Task of displaying a web page with five randomly chosen integer numbers and a dictionary (list of terms). Published on O'ReillyNet, Jul. 19, 2001

Unix Works

OpenBSD on a midrange laptop: Dell Studio 15 Hardware review of the Dell Studio and notes that OpenBSD now runs fine on it. December, 2010.

OpenBSD on the Acer Aspire One discusses the "netbook" hardware platform and how OpenBSD runs on it. October, 2008.

Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint Apple's Keynote is the first major-company presentation software in years to step up to bat against ruling giant Microsoft PowerPoint. I compare these two presentation heavyweights. Published on O'ReillyNet, Sep. 12, 2003

Soldiers Renege on Hackers My comments on DARPA having cut funding to the OpenBSD project. Published on O'ReillyNet, Apr. 18, 2003

Securing Your TiBook (or Other Mac OS X Machine) How to make your Mac OS X laptop just a bit more secure by enabling the BIOS password, and by plugging some of the local and network openings. Also talks a bit about dual-booting. Published on O'ReillyNet, Feb. 18, 2003

My Tutorial on OpenBSD servers and firewalls presented at BSDCon Europe 2002, November 15-17, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why Caldera Released Unix: A Brief History In January of 2002, Caldera, the latest owners of the "official" Unix source code, released some older UNIX versions (up to Seventh Edition and 32V) under a BSD-style open source license; here's my look at the history behind this. Published on O'ReillyNet, Mar. 1, 2002

The first(?) version of my tutorial Secure Internet Servers/Firewalls with OpenBSD, presented at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference , Jul 17-20 2000, Monterey, California, USA

A Good Webserver at the Right Price, (local copy here) - my review of the OpenBSD operating system in SunExpert Magazine (after it mutated into WebServer Magazine), June, 1998.

My announcment releasing SoftQuad HoTMetaL, the world's first commercial HTML editing software. Posted to comp.infosystems.www and comp.text.sgml, June 3, 1994.

The X Window System User's Guide: Volume 3: OPEN LOOK, a hefty volume in the O'Reilly X Windows books. Never formally published by O'Reilly because I delivered the final manuscript to Tim O'Reilly in person the same week Sun announced the demise of OPEN LOOK as a commercial product. Like so many non-products, both XView and this book have been made available for free download on the 'net. Completed some time in 1993

My Review of Sun ShowMe, in SunExpert Magazine, January, 1993 (not online anywhere?)

My review of S-Plus - An interactive Programming Environment for Data Analysis and Graphics, SunExpert Magazine, V 2 N 5 P 76, May, 1991

Can't Happen, or, /* NOTREACHED */, or, Real Programs Dump Core, with Geoff Collyer. A discussion of UNIX and C programming style (or lack thereof), Presented at the annual Usenix Technical Conference, January 1985, Dallas, TX

A History of UNIX before Berkeley: UNIX Evolution: 1975-1984, with Geoff Collyer, appeared in the final issue of MicroSystems, November, 1984