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Ian Darwin: Java™ Technology Page

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Plug: Every Java dev needs a copy of my Java Cookbook.

Plug: If you're writing or testing Java code, you might want to watch my Java Testing for Developers videos.

Plug: If you're working in Java Enterprise, please consider taking my 4-day Learning Tree Course on JPA, EJB3 and JSF.

Plug: Every Android dev needs a copy of my Android Cookbook (2nd Edition, updated for Android 7, Nougat).

Every Java developer deserves to go to a Java Conference now and then.

See also: my list of Java Developer Downloads.


Java is a portable object-oriented computing language that has brought its benefits into mainstream computing. One of its main benefits is portability; compiled Java programs do not have to be re-compiled to run on different platforms. Others include its object orientation and its large library of APIs (libraries) that are almost as portable as the language itself.

Ian Darwin is a founding member of the Sun/Oracle Java Champions advocacy program, a Certified Java Programmer and Certified Java Web Component Developer, and the author of several textbooks and courses on Java: The Java Cookbook provides information on using Java effectively for those who already know the language. Checking Java Programs covers a number of tools that perform additional code verification on Java software. The Android Cookbook offers (mostly) Java solutions to writing mobile applications for the ubiquitous Android platform.

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