Ian's Computer Yard Sale: Vintage For Sale

May 10, 2023

From my personal workspace, a batch of items for which it’s mostly not worth the trouble of doing up eBay listings. Prices are for single items; make offer on multiple items. At these prices everthing is, of course, as-is. All believed working except as noted. Please do your homework; use your favorite web search engine.

I also have some stuff on eBay from time to time; check out my eBay listings.

When something moves out, I mark it TAKEN for a short while before removing it. When somebody has requested a piece but not yet picked it up, I mark it SPOKENFOR, until they actually pick it up. If a SPOKENFOR item is high on your want list, please let me know and I’ll try to find out if the first person is serious.

Prices in Canadian dollars, subject to change, and to prior sale.

Prices assume local pickup; for dropoff by arrangement (Toronto GTA & environs; may cost extra) or shipping anywhere, via Canada Post (you pay postage).

Only one of each item unless otherwise noted.

Please mail me as firstname dot lastname at this web domain to check availability and arrange the transaction.


Intel Aspire 1/250 - TAKEN

Intel Mac Mini, for parts, newer model (uses line cord, not power brick) NOT WORKING $50

Asus C100P Chromebook (Arm 32bit) - stock (out of support) $25

Another Asus C100P - flashed with Linux $25

Apple iPad original MD328C/A $25 SPOKENFOR

Asus M3A ATX motherboard Socket 939 $25 SPOKENFOR

  • 3 PCI, 2 PCIE?, 1 video slot

  • Includes 2 AMD CPUs (one with a few pins bent, alas) + AMD Heatsink/Fan combo

  • 2 RAM sticks, 1 1GB, 1 unlabelled but probably 1GB

Wyse mini-pc 32-bit C90LEW w/ pwr brick. $40. Diskless, has internal SSD. Rear Has PS2 mouse+kb, displayport video, wired net, 2xUSB Front has 2 more USB, headphone out, mic input, and pwr button. Can run Windows (cut down edition), OpenBSD, Linux, etc.

Lenovo laptop power supply ADP-65 YB B - 120/240VAC to 19V 3.42A tip +ve $10 TAKEN

SheevaPlug - Linux PC in a power plug - Model 003-SP1001 $20 SPOKENFOR

Rainbow CryptoSwift PCI RSA encryption engine card $15

Vintage ATI "Rage 128" video card $5

Roll-up USB keyboard $10

16-port Belkin/PS2 VGA KVM workhorse $25

"PC Card" Sony-Ericsson Edge PC Cards for low-speed data on old PCs. Uses full-sized SIM. Comes with case and plug-in antenna $25

Flash Memory

CompactFlash for older cameras, Soekris computers, etc. Each one from a different manufacturer.

  • 1x1GB free or pay postage

  • 2x2GB $5 ea

  • 2x4GB $5 ea

HDD/SDD Drives

1x 500gb 2.5" laptop drive 7200rpm Hitachi Apple $15

2x 146GB Seagate Cheetah ST3146807FC Fiber Channel drives $10ea (Never used these, don’t have hardware to test; came with some other gear).

2X ide 250gb WD WD2500 (One has JB after model#) $10 ea

1X IDE 320GB Hitachi HDT725032VLAT80 $10

1X SATA 80GB Hitachi HDS722580LVSA80 $10

2X IDE 80GB WD WD800 (again, one JB one not) $5 ea - or one free with any other order over $25

5" IDE CD-ROM drive $10

3.5" floppy drive - relic! $25


Netgear wired-lan-to-USB print server PS121 $10

Brother P-Touch PT-1230PG label printer $20


4 Netgear PCI network cards Ga311 ("re" on OpenBSD) $7.50 ea

10/100 24-port switch $20

Incredibly ancient Crisco Catalyst 1700 10MB/s switch $10 + shipping (heavy!)

Dynex 10bt/100bt network hub/switch 5 port (1 uplink) $10

LinkSys 10/100 Switch 8+1 ports $20

Airlink 10/100 8 port 4 POE $25

Dlink AirPlus XtremeG DWL-G650 WiFi PC-Card 2.4GHz $10

MSI US54G MS-6861 USB WiFi $10

TP-LINK TL-WN821N USB WiFi dongle $10

Intel "Wifi Link 5300" (533AN_HMW) Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5GHz 450Mbps Half-height Mini-PCIe $10

Intel "Wifi Link 5100" (512AN_MMW) full-height Mini-PCIe $10

Atheros T77H032.02 AR5BHB63 ACER Half-height Mini-PCIe (from Aspire One AO751H-1279) $5

Generic Mini-PCI (not PCIe) WiFi network card.

2x LinkSys WRT54 Wireless (+4 wired) router $10 ea

  • 1 WRT54G Ver 2

  • 1 WRT54GS V7

Hughes HT cable modem HT1100 previously with Explorenet. $10. Includes hefty 13.5V + 48V power supply. You have to take the modem if you want the power supply.

Cat 5 cables - various lengths, please inquire.


Projector - Mitsubish XD500U-ST - needs new bulb and we’re not using it, $25

Generic dashcam, 1080P, HDMI out, Micro-USB (power?) uSD card slot, 1/4" tripod mount, $15

1 Google Chromecast V1 H2G2-42 $10

1 generic VGA LCD monitor $15

Rack Mount / Server HW

2x Delta power supply A236 (From Sun T5120 etc)

AC/BEL Power Supply API3FS25 from IBM server (IBM PS 39Y7168)


2x Mac DisplayPort to VGA - $5 ea

2x Mac DisplayPort to HDMI - $5 ea

1x USB micro to HDMI MHL check compat! $7

1 Apple 30-pin USB/HDMI Adapter $10


Make offers:

2 generic tripods

Totally Misc

Wacom Bamboo Stylus $15

Lots of power adapters, many voltages. A few USB; mostly dedicated plugs.

Vintage Fanon-Masco CB Walkie-Talkie - 6 channels only, plug-in crystal $20

Unused DVD "booklet" cases - about 25 avail.

This list is updated at random intervals! Check back occasionally.