Jan 1, 2021
Contact Ian Darwin

This is Ian Darwin’s personal web site and blog site.

If you’re here to foist off any of the following, don’t bother, as I will not even reply (I probably won’t even see it, due to my superior spam filtering):

  • Selling something that I didn’t inquire about;

  • Offering web design, SEO, link exchange, mobile app development;

  • Asking me to add a link to an ad-based page on behalf of little Susie;

  • Contacting me about any 419 scam, including but not limited to:

    • a Nigerian Prince with millions to share,

    • a rich widow with husband’s billions in oil money,

    • a US Army colonel with kegs of Iraqi or Afghani gold, etc.,

    • a lottery by BMW or Microsoft based on randomly-chosen emails (typically companies that don’t even have my email address),

    • or anything asking me to contact your "claims agent."

If you are a student I will not write your assignment for you; I wrote the Java Cookbook and the Android Cookbook so you can find out how to do things without asking me; please buy a copy or look it up in your local library.

If you are reporting a problem with my software, please read this first.

Now, if you still need to contact me, you can probably infer an email address that will work.