The POSSE Project

Portable Open Source Security Elements, or POSSE, was a co-operative venture among the University of Pennsylvania Distributed Systems Laboratory, the OpenBSD project, and others, to provide increased security for Open Source projects such as OpenBSD, OpenSSL, and others. Funded by DARPA, the project ran from 2001 until April, 2003 when it was summarily shut down by the U.S. Military.

Since the DARPA decision to shut down the POSSE project without notice, the University of Pennsylvania has no incentive to keep the files online. Therefore this mirror site has been set up to keep alive the original information surrounding the project, and to show that OpenBSD was not the only recipient of funds.

ItemUPenn URLLocal Mirror
The original UPenn Press Release HTML HTML
The POSSE Project, UPenn Distributed Systems Labs page HTML HTML
Smith Presentation (PDF), from PDF PDF
Smith Presentation (PPT), from PPT PPT

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