Ian's OpenBSD Laptop Status

This is a list of laptops I have used with OpenBSD.

Laptop Notes
Acer Aspire One (1GB/160GB model)

  • OpenBSD 4.6-current - pretty much everything works (Sept, 2009). ACPI. Does not suspend/resume. During install, some bsd.rd kernels may spam message like "pckbcintr: no dev for slot 1" making it hard to type, but the live kernel does not give these.
  • You should run with GENERIC.MP; the Atom 270 CPU is "dual threaded" and appears as a dual-core CPU.
  • X works out of the box with no config file (Intel 82945GME Video, 1024x600). As of July 2009, X starts at e.g., 800x600 if you have an external projector plugged in, because the LCD is limited to 600 high. Then switch using xrandr/krandr/lxrandr to 1024x768, the external works at that res but the LCD goes black.
  • Touchpad and both buttons work. Fn+F7 disables touchpad for use with USB mouse, as indicated on keytop.
  • Built-in "SuYin Acer Crystal Eye webcam" works fine but as long as you use YUV format; e.g., luvcview -f yuv ... (Arguably luvcview should be smart enough to auto-detect...).
  • Wired networking works. Wireless does not; recognized as ath0 but does not connect, strange initialization errors:
    	ath0: unable to reset hardware; hal status 1
    	ath0: unable to reset hardware; hal status 0
    Advice: Buy an Intel 4965AN or 5300 Mini-PCIe wireless card. Instructions here for swapping the cards. I installed an Intel 5300 which connects as iwn and works fine, even down to the "laptop power switch" working.
  • "Storage Extension" a.k.a. "left hand SD card slot" works fine.
  • "Card reader" a.k.a. "right hand SD card slot" is actually multi-function, also reading other formats, but only SD works on OpenBSD, and only if you have a card in at boot time (or disable ACPI).
  • See detailed write-up at undeadly.org


Compaq Presario R4035
  • OpenBSD 4.x-current (Jun 2009) works in both i386 and amd64 mode.
  • CardBus works if you update the BIOS or change PCIBIOS to "flags 1" using boot -c or using a custom kernel
  • X works out of the box.
  • Wireless card works as bwi(4), but starts interrupt storm after minutes, so not really usable. Get a cheap USB wireless.
  • Sound works, sort of: the chipset seems to be stuck at 48KHz whereas most software expects to be able to set it to 44.1 KHz (so sound comes out at slightly wrong speed).
  • The SD card (sdhc(4)/sdmmc(4)) memory slot does not work.

dmesg ¦ xorg.conf

Dell Studio 15 (model 1558)

  • OpenBSD 4.8-current (Dec 2010) works fine (amd64 mode tested)
  • Be sure to order with the Intel Wireless; the Broadcom is not yet supported
  • ACPI suspend/resume works
  • At least one of the SD card slot works
  • See detailed write-up at undeadly.org

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