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Java Web Frameworks

Jakarta EE, briefly called EE4J, previously called Java Enterprise Edition, or Java EE (and which hasn't been called J2EE for over a decade), is a full-stack API for building enterprise applications. It offers both JSF and the older JSP as view technologies, Session Beans (which are now POJO-based; forget all the bad old stories about EJB2 from a decade or more ago!) for the middle tier, and JPA (which often uses Hibernate underneath) for the persistence tier. Nonetheless, many people consider it beneficial to add functionality on top of Java EE, so here is a list of all the Java web frameworks that I've run across. If you find another, please use this Contact Form (maybe someday we'll allow you to add them directly here). Thanks!

Frameworks Search Results: 110 frameworks
NameActive?SummarySponsorLicense TypeFramework TypeSinceAction
ActionServlet Simple MVC framework?Petr TomanC 2000
Apache Sling Web framework using a Java Content Repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit, to store and manage contentCMS
AppFuse Fusion of Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JPA, etc.Matt RaibleASF2MVC
Aquarium Web dev framework for PythonSourceForgeMVC
Arch4J Front-end API for EE appsSourceforgeUnknown
ATG Dynamo ATG Dynamo® e-Business PlatformArt Technology GroupCommercial 2000
Barracuda MVC frameworkEnhydra
BEA Page Flows MVC Framework.BEA Inc.Open Source
Beehive Simplification layer on Java EE and StrutsBEA, ApacheASL
Bento Object-oriented page composition.Object-Oriented Markup LanguageSourceForgeCustomC 2003
Bishop Simple MVC framework; uses WebMacro for viewSourceForgeLGPL
Calyxo MVC framework with I18N and flexible view handlingOdysseus 2004
Clearsilver Fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system (in C with Java API)ASL-1 derivative1999
CMS Container Lightweight CMS web systemMMBase FoundationCMS
Cocoon Framework for Publishing with XSLTApache Software FoundationASL2002
Cofax Web CMS from a newspaper backgroundKnightRidder.comCMS
CUBA RAD platform for Java web apps
DBforms Simplified access to JDBC formsSourceforge.netGPL
DeltaSpike EE Add-onsApacheC 2012
Echo Object-oriented framework; no need for HTML knowledge(?).SourceForge, NextAppLGPL/commercial
Expresso AFramework based upon Struts.Jcorporate
Facelets Template view technology for building JSF component treesjava.netMVC 2005
Flexive Java EE Content RepositoryUCS
Frame2 MVC framework, follow-on to TurboM2SourceForge 2004
Freemarker Template engine for use with ServletsSourceForge2002
Google Guice ALightweight dependency-injection frameworkGoogleASL 2.0DI
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) ALight-weight AJAX toolkitGoogle
Grails ARails-like ease-of-use in the JVM environmentCodeHausOpen Sourcemvc 2005
HybridJava Pages Simplified MVC, combines M, V and C for each use case into a single classOpen source, free for non-commercialMVC
ICEFaces Collection of useful add-ons for AJAX JSFJSF-C
JackRabbit Content Repository, used by many CMS systemsASFASLJCR
jahia Combines Web CMS with Document Management and Portal FeaturesGPLCMS
Japple Template-based MVC framework.Saucon Technologies
JavaServer Faces(JSF) AComponent-based web framework.Sun MicrosystemMVC 2002
JavaServer Pages (JSP) JSP is built into eery JavaEE server
JBoss Portal CMS JBoss Portal includes a CMS based on JackRabbitJBoss.orgGPLCMS
jdon Light-weight, domain-driven, Java web
JHipster Application generator for Spring Boot + Angular projects
JNuke JNuke is a free Java/JEE CMS (Content Management System), focused on Virtual
JOIST High-level infrastructure & template framework.Tigris.org2002
JOT Servlet-based component for creating dynamic web content using standard web pages and Java Beans
JPublish Web App Framework/CMS; can use Velocity, Freemarker or Webmacro for ViewGoogleASL2CMS 2002
JStateMachine Object-oriented framework;StateSoft Ltd, IrelandCommercial
Jucas GUI-component MVC style with pull (View Helper) modelSourceforgeUnknown
JWIG Template engine; guarantees valid XHTML1.0 pages.BRICS research center, University of Aarhus, Denmark2002
Keel Meta-FrameworkMeta
Kona Framework and tag library.aki.comUnknown 2002
Lift Lightweight coding-by-convention framework using ScalaASL 2.02007
M7 Called an Application Assembler; workflows; can use StrutsM7.comCommercial; closed-sourceMVC
Magnolia Comprehensive content management systemMagnolia SoftwareCMS 2003
Mapper XML-based, component-based Java Web FrameworkMarty Phelan, SourceForgeLGPL2000
Maverick Minimalist MVC framework; view-agnosticSourceForge 2001
Melati Template-based Framework aimed at database-backed web sites.2002
Metawidget Generate UI for Web,Desktop,Mobile from existing data objectsJBoss/SourceforgeLGPLOIM 2010
Millstone General-purpose user interface component library with web adapter.SourceForgeLGPL2000
Niggle High level database-backed webs; template-agnosticSourceForgeBSD-style1999
Nukes for JBossDDeprecated - replaced by JBoss PortalJBoss.orgCMS
OpenBlueDragon CFML language implementation1998
OpenCMS OpenCms helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain beautiful websites fast and efficiently.AlkaconCMS
OpenFaces Collection of useful add-ons for AJAX JSFJSF-C
OpenNuke Another Nuke clone.ASLCMS
OpenSymphony Java EE framework including EJBs and Web componentsAtlassianASL2000
OpenXava Just write JPA POJOs, we do the restgestion400.comLGPLVC 2005
OracleMVC New action-based framework for EE 8 or laterOracleMVC 2015
Play! Fast, lightweight web framework with lots of integration.MVC
Portlet API API for dividing "Portal"-style web page into componentsSun Microsystems/JCP2002
PrimeFaces APowerful component set for JSFPrimeTek Informatics, Ankarra, TRJSF-C
Pure Servlets DNot a framework, but a suggestion to use pure servlets.N/A 2007
Reasonable Server Faces Another alternative to JSFU of Cambridge, UK
RichFaces ACollection of useful add-ons for AJAX JSFExadel, JBossJSF-C
Rife 90% of the work with 10% of the effortThe Rifers themselves.F
RomaFramework Domain-driven, coding-by-convention development of web appsASL-2
Scooter Lightweight Rails-like frameworkAmazingForce.comMVC
Scope Extensible implementation of HMVCSourceforgeunknown
Seam2 DPowerful MVC web framework using JSF and {JPA,Hibernate}. Rails-like site generator, much moreJBoss/RedHatASLMVC 2006
Shale MVC Framework building on JSFApacheASLMVC
Sitemesh Composition framework using Decorators and CompositeSourceforgeBSD-likeV
SOFIA DMVC FrameworkSalmon, LLCGPL / commercial
Spring Boot Application Generator for Spring
Spring MVC ALightweight Java EE frameworkSpringSourceVC 2004
Struts 1 DThe original Java MVC web framework.Apache Software FoundationASLMVC 1999
Struts2 ANew framework from some Struts developersApacheASLMVC 2006
SWAF Very buzzword compliant framework.Sysoft.comCommercial
Swinglets Swing event model and componentry applied to web applicationsJavelin Softwareunknown
takes 'True object-oriented Java web framework'
Tapestry Component-based web framework.ApacheASL2 2000
Tea Servlet Template-based servlet.SourceForge, formerly DisneyC
telosys RIA web frameworkow2.orgLGPL
Theseus MVC FrameworkBrainopolis.comOpen Source
Thin Client Framework Supports varying divisions between client and server.IBM AlphaworksIBM2001
Tiles Template engine for use with ServletsApache Software FoundationASLV
Turbine Web App Framework; can use JSP or Velocity for View layerApache Software FoundationASL2000
TurboM2Defunct, replaced by Frame2Virtuas 1999
uPortal Java Web Portal frameworkJASIGBSD-like
Vaadin Server-side architecture, RIA web framework, using Google Web ToolkitASL2 2006
Velocity Template engineApache Software FoundationASL-2 2000
Verge Comprehensive framework including MVC and IOCjava.netLGPL
vraptor Claims speed, simplicity; use JSP and CDIMVC
Vroom Framework Simplified MVC using annotationsFarrukh Ijaz s/o Mohammad RiazMVC 2008
WakeSoft Commercial Java EE frameworkWakesoft.comCommercial
WaveMaker Platform for developing EE Web Apps, integrating Spring et alASL2RAD 2007
Weaver Controller component, using JSP/EL/JSTL for ViewC
WEB4J Minimalist web frameworkHirondelle SystemsBSDMVC
Webcream Web-enable a Swing/AWT applicationCreamTec, LLC.Commercial, closed-source
WebMacro One of the original template enginesGPL or BSD-ish
WebWork DMerged into Struts 2OpenSymphony
Wicket Simple MVC frameworkASFASF2MVC
wingS Object-oriented framework; object names patterned on Swing.SourceForgeLGPL
ZK Lightweight RIA framework