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JabaDex(tm), the open, cross-platform PIM.

This is an early draft of a personal information manager, or PIM. It implements opening, changing, and saving a user list; a minimal TODO list, and other features. For each person there are the usual name, address, and phone number fields, plus email and Web addresses, and a few user-definable fields. There is code for printing the phone book but it's not rock- solid yet. There's also a simple ToDo list, which may someday have priorities and the like.

Please bear in mind that this is a fairly early Java application (first written in 1995!). It does not necessarily represent "best practices" as they are now understood. It is undergoing major refactoring now, to turn it into a framework with independant (and user-selectable!) applications for Contact, ToDo, EMail, and the like. Version 0.9.x should not be taken as my ideas on best practices; if I were starting from scratch today it would be a lot different! The next release (whenever) will be the framework version. Here is a very preliminary screen shot of the "new" look.

Written entirely in Java, the program can run on any operating system for which a Java interpreter is available. Not written using a GUI builder, since when I wrote most of it, none of them was both stable enough and platform-independant enough for my taste. But, it is currently being developed on Eclipse.

Current Version 0.9.x.

This is version 0.9.11, released July 2001. All versions of 0.9 are built using Java 2 (aka JDK1.2 or later).

If you want a look at 0.9.x, see a screendump.

Easy Download -- Java WebStart

If you have Java WebStart installed, you can now click here to launch. If not, read up now on Sun's Java Web Start, and consider downloading it.

Warning:The JabaDex JNLP installation is signed with a self-signed certificate. You might not want to trust it for authentication! :-)

Manual Download

Prerequisites. You will need the following "standard extensions" (in addition to Java 2 a.k.a. JDK1.2) to compile, or to use all the features, of this release.

You can download the JAR of the class files and a few necessary data files, or download the JAR of the source code. You'll probably want both, to start.


For now, here's what you do to get started.


Hear ye, hear ye! This is not a commercial product. If you have trouble, please read this troubleshooting page.

Some parts of JabaDex were written as demos for my Java Programming Courses.

While JabaDex is not a full-function PIM yet, it will grow and grow. For a while I used it daily to track my business and personal contacts. For a discussion of what needs adding, download it and see the TODO file.

The copying conditions are similar to those of Berkeley UNIX and The X Window System, and less restrictive than the "freeware" GNU Public License; to read them, see the LEGAL NOTICE file.

A little historical note: JabaDex was the first program to pass the unofficial static and dynamic testing for the 100% Pure Java program during the first morning of JavaOne in 1997. I can't use that logo as I haven't paid the testing fee, but we did pass all the tests.

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